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Online connections and learning through Tapestry Together and Tapestry: In Conversation

Connecting our creativity with nature through Nearly Wild Weaving Experiences

Collaborative projects with fellow weavers

Community projects and ‘have a go’ participatory weaving

Creating wonderful tapestries for exhibition and sale

Please be patient if things aren’t quite as they should be on this website – we are weavers, not web developers! We’re still learning and would love your feedback.


Monthly online peer to peer learning & networking sessions

Next session: 14th December 2022

International Perspectives on Tapestry Weaving


Monthly online conversations with a leading tapestry weaver

Next session: Wednesday 23rd November

Tommye McClure Scanlin



Explore nature through the art of tapestry weaving

Learn how to look around you with a ‘weaverly eye’ and spend time weaving your own small piece of the view.

Relaxed creative days outdoors with like-minded people and delicious home-made food! Wet weather options available if needed.

Social distancing measures in place.

See Experiences & Workshops for further information

Also – 1 day Tapestry Weaving workshops, inspired by our location, but weaving indoors!


An online, collaborative project led by Joan Baxter, supported by Nearly Wild Weaving

Both a weaving project and a learning experience, Waterline brings together a small group of tapestry weavers who have each woven their own individual tapestry as one part of a composite tapestry which reflects the theme of the flow of a river.

As a legacy of the project, we will exhibit the tapestry as a single artwork, both online and in a ‘real life’ space. We have also created a publication about the project where we pass on our learning from the design and creation process, its “difficulties and delights”, and show our work in progress.

Being exhibited 5th October to 23rd December 2022, Farfield Mill, Cumbria